Did you know that more than half (57%) of people who own branded promotional items keep them for five years or more? That’s an incredible statistic when you thinkabout it. This longevity is one of the reasons that businesses are increasingly seeing the value in incorporating branded products into their marketing plans.

While many people associate branded products with cheap giveaway pens or giant foam fingers waved in baseball stadiums, they can be much more. They can be logoed caps and t-shirts to personalized flash drives, umbrellas, and leather tote bags. Branded items cost more than email blasts or direct mailings, but they are often kept for longer — not just weeks or months, but evenyears.

Notonly do promotional products reinforce branding to the people using them, butalso to those around them. Studies from the Advertising Specialties Institute(ASI) show that, in many cases, branded products increase the chances that therecipient will purchase from the company. According to the ASI’s most recent Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study:

The key to results like these is value. Consistently, surveys show that people keep promotional products because they are helpful, so it’s essential to use high-quality branded products and match the type of product to the marketing goals of the campaign. Each time the recipient wears or uses the product, brand engagement is reinforced.  

Theother key to success is matching the right branded products to the target audience. For example, promotional outerwear is owned by 43% of women but 57% of men. Conversely, women are more likely to own a promotional bag (57%) than men (42%). When you get the mix right, it leads to increased sales.

Are promotional products missing from your marketing toolbox? If so, let’s get that corrected right away!

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August 12, 2021