What is your best strategy for managing your marketing budget in times of economic uncertainty? Is it to put your mailings on hold until things get better, or is it to get creative andtake advantage of existing opportunities?

Our experience is that, even whenthe economy tightens, businesses get creative with their marketing and still get great results. Here are some easy ways to save money and grow your businesssimultaneously.

1. Use lighter-weight paper. Paper supplies are fluctuating these days, but if you can find acomparable stock that is lighter in weight, you’ll not only pay less, but you’ll save money on postage, too.

2. Take advantage of USPS postal discounts. Every year, the USPS comes out with an Emerging andAdvanced Technology promotion. By incorporating technologies such as QR Codes and augmented reality (AR), the USPS allows you to send mailings for a fractionof the cost of traditional mailings.

3. Use house paper. If you want a specific stock — and only that stock — for aparticular campaign, we’ll do everything we can to find it for you. But if a good, all-purpose stock will do, most printers (like us) keep a house stockhandy that will be a highly economical choice.

4. Send Every Door Direct Mail. The USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program lets mailerstarget their mailings by ZIP Code. You mail to addresses only, but you canselect ZIP codes by various demographics, such as average household income,percentage of homeowners recipients, and so on. This gives you a targeted mailing at a fraction of the cost of other mailings.

5. Narrow your focus. Instead of mailing to your entire list, try mailing smaller, moretargeted runs. Pick a segment that you want to focus on, then develop messaging and offers just for that group. You will mail less but get better results bymaking that messaging more relevant each time.

Even when times are tough, you cansave money and still get great marketing results. Contact us to learn more about each of these options.

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August 10, 2022